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Ethical Use of Language Models

What are the ethical guidelines for using large language models like ChatGPT?


Rendering Ethical Use of Language Models

Large language models like ChatGPT have immense potential, but with it comes significant ethical responsibility. To guide professionals in using these models ethically, we put forward the following guidelines:

  • Maintaining User Privacy
  • Conveying AI Interactions Clearly
  • Addressing and Mitigating Bias
  • Generating Safe and Respectful Content
  • Evaluating Societal Consequences
  • Limits on Access and Use

Maintaining User Privacy

When interacting with a language model, remember that they shouldn’t be used to extract personal information from users. Some key principles include:

  • Adherence to privacy standards in all business interactions.
  • Particular care when handling sensitive data.

Conveying AI Interactions Clearly

Transparency is crucial. Users need to know when they’re communicating with a machine rather than a human. For instance,

  • Facebook informs users when they interact with a chatbot in the Messenger app.

Addressing and Mitigating Bias

Language models can sometimes reflect or perpetuate biases found in their training data. It’s essential to ensure a fair and unbiased representation in their output.

  • Correct bias when discovered.
  • Google has a dedicated Ethical AI team that ensures bias-free models.

Generating Safe and Respectful Content

Assuring responsible use of AI includes an absolute prohibition on creating harmful or offensive content.

  • Developers at OpenAI have incorporated a filter in GPT-3 to prevent such content.

Evaluating Societal Consequences

There are broader implications of these tools to be considered, including

  • Potential job loss due to automation
  • Misuse in spreading misinformation

Limits on Access and Use

Potential misuse of these models may necessitate stricter access controls.

  • OpenAI, for instance, released GPT-3 in a preview phase to gather user feedback and detect potentially harmful uses.

The requirements may vary depending on specific use-cases and jurisdiction. As such, it’s essential to maintain an open dialogue and implement thoughtful guidelines to ensure these powerful tools are used ethically and responsibly.

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